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Paid choice-based game

Life is Strange: True Colors is a paid game in the same universe as Life is Strange. Follow the main character, Alex as she battles to hide the curse of her psychic power Empathy. Much like Unitale, and Papers, Please, you’ll have some tough choices to make.

The game is similar to its predecessors, Life is Strange Remastered, Life is Strange Before the Storm, and Life is Strange 2. It retains many of the same gameplay mechanics but offers a new story and character to follow. Deck Nine developed the title to have many story options and an open map to explore.

Choose wisely

Life is Strange is a series where all your choices matter, slowly weaving a unique ending for you to discover. There are secrets to be found out, such as the truth of Alex's brother’s death. Embracing Alex’s psychic power of Empathy is the only way to uncover these clues, but your path may lead you far from these. The map is free for you to roam as you enter stores and uncover hidden secrets. 

Trust and relationships with the townsfolk are a must, and you’ll need to build up a rapport with your neighbors as you play the game. Additionally, you can form romantic bonds with the cast such as Ryan or Steph.

Amazing soundtrack

The game features an exclusive soundtrack created by mxmtoon and Novo Amor, and many licenced songs by Gabrielle Aplin, Radiohead, Phoebe Bridgers, and many more. These tracks immerse you in the emotion of the world around Alex as you slowly weave your own story.

Pick your style

Alex has more than 20 outfits available for you to change her into. This extensive selection further immerses you in a world that feels alive. As each day passes, you can swap outfits, perfectly suiting the general store you’re visiting or the larger one across town.

Our take

Life is Strange: True Colors is a fun game to play with a deep and fulfilling narrative. The tale follows Alex and is not a sequel to the original game, although it occupies the same universe. Unfortunately, DLC, such as the deluxe upgrade, is required for additional story content. 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoy story-based games and the Life is Strange series, this title is definitely worth the download.


  • Up to 24 outfits
  • Your choices matter
  • Great soundtracks


  • Deluxe edition required for a bonus story

Life is Strange: True Colorsfor Windows


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