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Free iOS Oculus VR application

The Oculus app is a free VR mobile application that gives you access to over 1,000 products in the Oculus Store. If you have virtual reality gear by the same brand, you can customize the settings and features for a more complete experience. There’s also the opportunity to see what your friends are up to and which events are available for you to join.

Does Oculus work with iOS?

You can use the Oculus companion app on any iPhone that runs iOS 10 or higher. Once you install it, you can access your Oculus account, follow your friends, watch live events, and receive notifications to your smartphone. It also lets you manage your VR headset if you need to change any settings from your mobile device.

How do I stream Oculus to my iPhone?

If you’re wanting to cast any Oculus VR content to your iPhone, there are a few steps you should follow:

  1. Ensure your iPhone and headset are connected to the same Wif-Fi network;
  2. Open the Oculus app from your iPhone;
  3. Select the casting icon;
  4. Beneath “Cast from”, choose the relevant headset and ensure it says “Connected”;
  5. Beneath “Cast to”, select your iPhone device;
  6. Select “Start” on the screen and accept the VR-prompt on your headset;
  7. A red light will indicate that the connection is live.

How do I mirror my iPhone to Oculus?

You may want to mirror your iPhone to your Oculus headset instead. You’ll follow the same procedure indicated above on the Oculus app. However, you’ll change the “Cast from” to your mobile device and “Cast to” to your headset after you’ve paired the items.

Which VR app is best for iPhone?

While the Oculus app only caters to the brand’s headsets, there are a few other VR apps you can try. You can take a wild ride on Roller Coaster VR or fight the undead in Zombie Shooter VR. If you enjoy YouTube videos, there’s YouTube VR for iOS, or you can use Google Cardboard for those specific headsets.

The iPhone virtual reality experience

There was once a time where everyone felt disappointed that you needed a PC to play VR games. Those days are gone, as you can now access your Oculus gear via your mobile device. The best part is that you can connect with your friends and receive notifications whenever they partake in activities.


  • Authentic VR experience
  • Manage your Oculus account
  • Track your friends’ activity
  • Cast to your headset


  • Requires constant internet connection

Oculusfor iOS


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