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Free zombie shooter game

Left to Survive is a free-to-play mobile shooter game centered around the zombie apocalypse. As you play, you’ll need to battle hordes of enemies and develop your town. Through development, you’ll progress the game and unlock new weapons.

The title is similar to other third-person shooters such as Garena Free Fire. However, alternative survivor simulators include State of Survival and Last Shelter: Survival. The game requires careful movement and planning to fight off zombies.

Zombie horde

Left to Survive occurs during a zombie apocalypse, resulting in hordes of enemies as you adventure through cities. Aiming correctly and preserving your resources is the only way to survive your adventures.

Easy control layout

The Left to Survive APK uses a simple control layout that mimics a console controller but doesn’t innately support one. Your primary firing button is directly in the bottom right corner, opposite your movement controls. Additionally, extra abilities are around your direct firing button, making it easy to access during a fight.

Player versus player

While Left to Survive doesn’t offer co-op modes, you can take players on in 2v2 game modes. If you prefer to play alone, the player versus player option will provide an intense battle. Teaming up with your clan for fighting is an easy way to survive multiplayer combat.

Level up your town

Your town is essential to gameplay. Through leveling it, you’ll unlock new gear; however, you’ll need to defend it as well. The base isn’t invulnerable to raiding and looting from enemies. As you progress, you’ll need to look up a Left to Survive guide.

Unlock new gear

Upgrading your town is a requirement for unlocking new weapons such as assault rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, and shotguns. New weapons are available after leveling your base the first time. 

Additionally, leveling up your town will unlock armor. This gear affects your abilities and stats, requiring you to improve it as the campaign progresses constantly.

Our take

Overall, Left to Survive is a good game with fun mechanics and game modes. As you play and upgrade your town, you’ll unlock new weapons and find survivors to aid you. However, the need to constantly upgrade your town can quickly make the game feel repetitive.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a fun zombie game to play on your mobile device, Left to Survive is a great option to install.


  • Simplistic controls
  • Battle hordes of enemies
  • Large variety of weapons
  • Play with others


  • Gameplay quickly becomes repetitive

Left to Survivefor Android


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