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Co-operative action horror game

Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2 is a Windows survival horror game that drops you amid a zombie apocalypse. The AI-generated, dynamic gameplay and increasingly complex mission challenges create a unique experience as you and your survivor party fight through hordes of the infected.

An anticipated sequel

This game continues and improves on the original Left 4 Dead story, taking you through brand-new, Deep South-inspired maps. There are fourteen campaigns in total, including six from the initial release. The deadly zombie pandemic also inspired two non-canon, fan-developed storylines.

You’ll play with three other survivors, real players or AI, armed with a wide array of new and upgraded weapons. The creators introduced some new features to the AI Director 2.0, letting it procedurally alter weather and pathways as well as your enemies.

The end of humanity

The developers pulled inspiration from Resident Evil: Revelations, having you survive the zombie apocalypse with in-game friends and family members. It’s your party against the hostile world around you.

Each campaign consists of missions broken up by safehouses, where you return to replenish your strength. Strategic thinking is necessary to make the most of every team member’s abilities.

There are some emotional and witty moments, but surprisingly no overarching narrative to push the story forward. The never-ending action has much more of a gameplay focus.

Adrenaline-pumping gameplay

The gameplay is logical, well-organized, and exhilarating. The gist of it is simple: you’re to shoot your way through swarms of the undead, reaching the end of the map to complete the level.

The AI-driven gameplay ensures that you’re constantly stimulated but never in over your head. It evaluates previous performance and the current state of all party members, then tailors spawning frequency and enemy ferocity accordingly.

There are also multiple difficulty settings to determine the effect of decision-making and communication on mission success.

Our take

Overall, Valve Studios did an excellent job with Left 4 Dead 2. Although there isn’t much of a difference between the first and the second release, everything looks great, and the AI keeps gameplay fresh throughout.

Should you download it?

Yes. The co-op mechanics and campaign variety make this one a must-play with your friends, especially if you haven’t tried the first version.


  • Excellent co-op gameplay
  • Multiple exciting campaigns
  • Improved AI Director
  • Singleplayer and multiplayer options
  • High replayability


  • No developed storyline
  • Resembles the original

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Left 4 Dead 2for Windows


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