Left 4 Deadfor Windows


Cooperative survival horror game

Left 4 Dead by Valve is a horror title for Windows that pits you against a horde of zombies with a clear intent to kill. All single-player and multiplayer modes include an AI ‘Director’ who controls the pacing to keep the challenge rating appropriately high. 

Gory zombie action

This game drops you and three other survivors onto a map packed with brain-hungry monsters amid a zombie apocalypse. The only goal is survival.

The same developers behind Counter-Strike and Half-Life also created Left 4 Dead, choosing to make the monsters lightning-fast and dangerous. Although they’re a bit easier to eliminate than expected, the sheer number of monsters makes up for that. 

Everything looks smooth and realistic, from the graphics and the sound design to the intuitive keyboard and mouse controls. All game elements build up the atmosphere, immersing you in this panic-inducing situation even without an overarching narrative driving the story forward. 

Four game modes

This title offers a lot of gameplay variety with its diverse modes:

  • Single-player sends you off to battle with a party of highly-responsive AIs as companions.
  • Campaign is the co-op mode with four people.
  • Survival challenges you to stay alive for as long as possible.
  • Versus lets you play as either the survivors or the infected.


If you go for one of the original campaigns, the game will put you through five levels connected with safehouses where you can heal, revive, and re-arm.

The final chapter always has you defending a position against the zombie onslaught before help arrives. There are four campaigns and several DLC available. 

AI-tailored gameplay

Valve employs a unique AI-powered technology dubbed the ‘Director’ to generate a novel experience each time you launch the game. 

It tailors the zombie attack brutality and frequency according to your performance, making the gameplay fast-paced but manageable. You might visit a map point once and see no enemies around, while a furious swarm might be waiting at the same spot the next time. 

Our take

Overall, Left 4 Dead packs quite a punch, keeping the tension levels high even during your tenth playthrough. It’s a well-executed, well-rounded game for any horror fan.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking to have an action-packed night alone or with friends, this one is a must-try.


  • Action-packed gameplay
  • Excellent cooperation system
  • Dynamic AI-driven enemies
  • Diverse game modes


  • Zombies die too quickly
  • No overarching narrative

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Left 4 Deadfor Windows

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