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The Smurfs – Dreams - An upcoming "classic"

The Smurfs – Dreams is a new game that brings the beloved Smurfs into the world of video games. It's designed for both kids and adults, blending classic Smurf stories with fun, interactive gameplay. In this game, players enter a colorful Smurf world where they go on exciting adventures and use their imagination to solve problems.This game is for Windows systems and you can visit its page on Steam.

The Smurfs - Dreams picks up from the classic story

In The Smurfs – Dreams, the evil wizard Gargamel is up to no good again. He has put a spell on the Smurfs' favorite sarsaparilla bushes. When the Smurfs eat these enchanted leaves, they fall into a deep sleep and dream vividly. Players must help the Smurfs wake up by traveling through these dreams, making sure Gargamel doesn't get to them first.

Each level in the game takes players into a different Smurf's dream, turning the game into a series of mini-adventures. These dreams are specially designed to reflect each Smurf's personality and fears, adding more excitement and depth to the game.

Announced “The Smurfs – Dreams” features

The game's features make "The Smurfs – Dreams" an engaging and interactive experience. Here are some of the key features:

  • Play Alone or With a Friend: You can choose to play by yourself or team up with a friend. The game has a two-player mode that is great for playing with others.
  • Explore Unique Worlds: Players get to explore different dream worlds, each with its own theme. From bright, sunny meadows to dark, spooky woods, every level offers something new.

Gameplay Variety:

  • Tackle fears: Each dream includes challenges and nightmares that need to be overcome.
  • Solve puzzles: The game features clever puzzles that need thinking and teamwork.
  • Battle bosses: Fight against big, scary bosses that represent a Smurf's fears.

Customize Your Smurf:

Players can make their Smurf their own by using magic orbs and patterns found throughout the game. This makes the game more personal and fun.

  • Fun Movements: The game's controls are easy to use, involving jumping, hopping, and dashing to get past obstacles and keep the game moving.

The Smurfs – Dreams combines the charm of the Smurf characters with exciting gameplay. It's perfect for both new players and those who have loved the Smurfs for a long time. The game focuses on storytelling, teamwork, and creativity, setting a new standard for games that the whole family can enjoy.


  • The classic Smurf story
  • Gargamel and other authentic characters


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    The Smurfs – Dreamsfor Windows


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