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The illustrator’s dream app

Ibis Paint X is a platform you can use to create digital art on your mobile devices such as a phone or tablet. You can use it without an art pen or previous purchases.


ibis Paint X is a remarkably simple and powerful digital art studio that offers a variety of features and many brushes to choose from.

This program has a strong focus on functionality and a helpful community. It’s free to use and has subscription options for advanced tools. You can still make wonderful art without a payment plan, though.

ibis Paint has 312 different brushes for you to choose from, including felt tip and dip pens, airbrushes, flat brushes, fan brushes, stamps, crayons, and pencils. These are realistic, and GPU accelerated, and make for fantastic works of art.

While you work you can add or flatten layers in-app. This is a great way to prevent accidents or overcoloring after you seperate sections of the drawing. You can add an unlimited amount of layers to an artwork. The only factor that can hinder your experience is the quality of your hardware.

If you want to learn how to draw or paint on a digital platform, this program is a fantastic choice. It has an accurate tracing system for beginners. This support is great if you’re using another image as a reference or need to create a second layer almost identical to the one below it.

The community behind ibis is the best aspect of this application. The app has a YouTube channel with tutorials. It also displays featured art created with the application in the main menu. The downside is that it doesn’t run well on older devices.

Where can you run this program?

ibis Paint X is available for iOS 10.0 or later as well as Android4.1 and up.

Is there a better alternative?

No. There are a handful of great alternatives, such as ArtRage or Infinite Painter. However, none are as hands-on and usable without an obligatory payment plan.

Our take

Ibis Paint X is an amazing platform for creating your digital art, even if you don’t purchase the premium subscription or ad-free version. It’s simple to use and has plenty of options for experts.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for an art studio application that’s free and comprehensive, then this is a must-have application.


  • 312 brushes
  • High-quality layers
  • Easy to trace images


  • Requires a powerful device

Program available in other languages

ibis Paint Xfor Android


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