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House Flipperfor Windows



Fix up a house and sell it for a profit

House Flipper allows you to buy a house, renovate it, and then hopefully sell it for a profit. It is simulation game for casual gamers.

Does House Flipper cost money?

There's no free version of this house selling game. This is a simulation game like Car Mechanic Simulator, but you're fixing up houses and not cars.

What does a House Flipper do?

Take a cheap and dilapidated house, and decorate it and sell it for a profit. It is a casual game, but unlike a simplistic game like Purble Place, House Flipper is rather sophisticated and well built.

Is House Flipper worth buying?

House Flipper the game wastes a lot of its potential by making the gameplay casual rather than skill-based. The selling mechanic is so basic that hardcore gamers will become frustrated. As a pick-up-and-play casual game, it offers an additive and cathartic charm as you watch filthy houses become clean.

Our take on House Flipper

One of the biggest downsides of this game is that it's a make-your-own-fun game, but unlike others like Minecraft, you exhaust most of the game’s mechanics within around ten hours. After your third house, there is very little that is new to discover.

Should you download it?

If only this house decorating game had just a bit more of a realistic decorating mechanic, it would be brilliant. Like if you had to actually paint walls, or if the mop function involved more than holding the mop at arms length for three seconds. It they had created a game where skill really mattered, such as painting without smudging, then this game would have been epic. If you are keen on casual games, then this game may be for you.


  • Addictive and simple gameplay that is easy to understand.
  • Seeing the change between filthy and decorated is amusing.
  • You have unlocked all game features by the third house.
  • Ideal for the casual gaming demographic.


  • The game needs just a bit more realism.
  • Needs more unlockable functions or game mechanics.
  • It is a processor-heavy game that requires a gaming PC.
  • Offers no motivation to keep going beyond the third house.

House Flipperfor Windows


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