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Organize your bees to prosperity

Hive Time is a free game by indie developers, Cheeseness and Mimness. It is essentially a management and organization beehive simulator that does not try to be accurate, but be as amusing and fun as possible. Your choices will ultimately affect how well your beehive will thrive or not.

Smooth design and entertaining interactions

Hive Time is a beautiful little escape from everyday life, putting you in charge of a beehive and all its goofy adventures.

In the beginning, you’ll take control of a small hive. Your goal is to help it expand by creating wax, harvesting resources, fending off wasp attacks, and ensuring your Queen is alive and healthy.

You can’t just increase the size of your hive mindlessly. There is a balancing act at play here between growth and efficient management, which becomes more challenging with each passing day.

The control aspect is quite complex, ensuring that you stay engaged throughout the gameplay. Hive Time limits how many bees can go outside to gather, for example, and various jobs require different bee types. Making the most of your resources is imperative to make your hive prosper, although the constant balancing does make the gameplay feel repetitive at times.

The game levels this serious aspect with its funny, wholesome storytelling. You’ll often see text windows related to the hive state and important events taking place, all of which come with a unique sense of humor and lightheartedness.

The graphics further add to the joyful atmosphere in this game. You’ll see your hive on a colorful, simple-to-navigate layout, and the boxes come with cartoonish illustrations. You play Hive Time by clicking on individual bees and determining their actions on a menu, which is also logically-organized.

Where can you run this program?

Hive Time is compatible and works with Windows, Macs, and even Linux systems.

Is there a better alternative?

No. This game is entertaining in its own unique way. However, if you like goofy sims, there are plenty of other options that you can choose from, including Day Job: The Game, MewnBase, and Trash Mountain.

Our take

Hive Time puts its own unique twist on the concept of management sims. It is charming, well thought out, and ensures a gratifying and fun adventure for the players.

Should you download it?

Yes, unless you expect a deeply strategic game with wheels within wheels of plot points. It’s a fun, wholesome experience to help you unwind.

Hive Timefor Windows


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