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Roll to the finish line

Happy Wheels is an entertaining game in which you have to get to the finish line by overcoming obstacles. Have a great time laughing with your friends playing this gory game, beware of the hidden traps and try not to die!

It’s a trap!

Play different levels with numerous characters to choose from; this game offers you a really great time and some laughs too

Happy Wheels may sound like a game your kid can play, but it’s not! This one’s pretty gory. Play different levels and try to get to the end of it without your character dying. It’s more challenging than it sounds.

This game revolves around a guy on a Segway going through deadly traps until the finish line. Throughout the levels, many hidden traps can surprise you, making it very addictive to finish a level.

The goriest thing about this game is the blood that flies out of the characters when they get hit by an obstacle. That’s why it isn’t very kid friendly. If you’re a parent, this might not be a good game for your child.

The gameplay is fairly easy, control your characters with the arrow buttons so it moves forward or backward. You can also jump to avoid some traps.

Happy Wheels also has the option to save your gameplay and share it with others. Engage with your friends and watch their gameplays too.

Where can you run this program?

Play this game on your internet browser or download the mobile app on iOS devices.

Is there a better alternative?

No, there’s no game like Happy Wheels.

Our take

Happy Wheels is an adult game that integrates an easy game with the gore genre. Have good laughs while playing, and have some stressful moments when trying to get through a level.

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s always good to have a relaxing moment by playing entertaining games like Happy Wheels. Get challenged and share your gameplay.


  • Create your own levels
  • Play other users creations
  • Have many laughs while playing


  • Not child-friendly due to graphic content
  • Difficult to play well
  • Graphics aren’t great

Happy Wheelsfor Mac

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