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Classic Two-Dimensional RPG for Mac - CrossCode

CrossCode is a retro-styled RPG for Mac that brings back the nostalgia of 16-bit graphics reminiscent of the Nintendo Entertainment System. With interesting puzzles, smooth graphics, and intense combats, this game is a treat for fans of the classic RPG genre. Please note that CrossCode is still under development.

CrossCode combines Zelda-inspired top-down gameplay with traditional RPG elements, offering players the best of both worlds. As you progress, you'll discover tools and power-ups that can be used to combat enemies. Additionally, the multiplayer platform allows you to compete with others in real-time virtual environments. The inclusion of mind-bending puzzles adds an extra layer of intellectual challenge, perfect for players who enjoy a brain teaser.

One of the standout features of CrossCode is the ability to take on multiple roles through the skill tree system. This allows for a unique and customizable gameplay experience. Along your journey, you'll encounter various built-in characters, each offering their own powers and strengths. The strategic depth of the game ensures hours of entertainment.


  • Customizable characters to suit unique needs.
  • Online multiplayer allows for competition with other players.


  • CrossCode has been in development since 2015, which may indicate a longer development cycle.
  • Some players may find the graphics to be slightly outdated compared to modern standards.

Overall, CrossCode offers a classic RPG experience with a mix of retro aesthetics and engaging gameplay mechanics. Despite its lengthy development cycle, the game's unique features and challenging puzzles make it a worthwhile choice for RPG enthusiasts.

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