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Free Google-made keyboard

The Gboard is the free virtual keyboard offered by Google for the Android framework. With this keyboard, you can send messages effortlessly. There are included features like swipe-typing, an auto-diction engine, and emojis. 

Main features

Google has been synonymous with the internet since its inception. It served as a search engine and gradually gained traction with users globally growing into a multifaceted technology company. Now they offer cross-platform programs for Android utilities to iOS browsers. Gboard is one such Android utility that offers a variety of tools to assist typing. The app's text interface boasts built-in search, a spacebar as a trackpad, multilingual typing, and searchable GIFs.

Particular points of note

There is an APK available for this software, but there is usually no need as updates are consistently applied. The program is available for download via the Play Store, in addition to various third-party providers. You will find the normal copy and paste function, and updated themes to change the text pad background. Support is usually triggered automatically as a default setting. 

The G-search button has many functions, with the prominent search engine providing suggestions. Deleting lines of text is a breeze with the trackpad functionality of the spacebar. A tap, a swipe to the left or right, then release - your text has now been deleted. Adding languages is effortless and is done within the settings menu. There also are familiar themes with customized options too.

Security is always a key concern when accessing the internet. This application tracks specific inputs and uploads them to servers to enhance your input experience, possibly presenting security concerns for the tech-savvy typist.

Other contenders

Swiftkey is an application that many have used at some point or another. It offers gesture control and emoji support, to name a few features. Grammarly assists with grammar but also shares some features with Gboard. Fleksy and Ai Type have been widely available for years, offering a similar experience. The biggest advantage of Gboard is the Google-powered search tool built into the pad.

Our take

The Gboard application receives appropriate support to keep it working effectively. The translate function is fun when you need to be both casual and serious enough for business, making this app a brilliant option for anyone.

Should you download it

Yes. Google has created a fantastic typing utility. It is worth adding to your Android device. 


  • Built-in Google search button
  • Spacebar used as a text tracking pad
  • Multiple languages to choose from
  • Translate between languages
  • A huge number of emojis and GIFs


  • Due to high functionality, the application size is large

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Gboardfor Android

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