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Free Fire Advance Server

The Free Fire Advance Server is the test server for the mobile battle royale game, Garena Free Fire by developer 111dots Studio. The server is for experienced players to test updates to upcoming games and help the development team identify bugs or issues.


The game is identical in function to Garena Free Fire, with a few differences depending on when it's played. The stability of the gameplay is the primary feature, as the advanced server is the working ground of the game. When the server for the Garena game is opened the new updates are tested out and the server is played.

However, the servers aren’t open to everyone. If you can’t open the server, it’s most likely because you must be provided with a key to open the server for a particular update. The server is then closed as the update is implemented. Free Fire’s development team selects only a small number of players, so opting into the experience does not guarantee entry.


Free Fire’s platform being on mobile devices makes it challenging for development teams to produce high-quality games. The advanced server can be expected to be less polished, with bugs and game glitches that occur during the development phase. The development team heavily relies on these players to inform them of the issues with the gameplay. If a bug goes largely unnoticed, it may not be fixed until some time after the server is already closed.


The advanced server itself does not have any competition on its own. That being said, Free Fire itself has competition in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, and various other mobile battle royale games. If you’re still interested in the advanced server, you’re likely already invested in Free Fire, making it unparalleled in terms of competition due to its unique existence.

Our take

The Free Fire Advance Server is the dedicated beta server to test updates to games. The gameplay is identical to the colorful battle royale, with changes depending on the update being tested. To get into the limited access Free Fire Advance Server, you need to opt into the process and hope you get selected.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want to help make Free Fire better.


  • Unique gameplay
  • Charming visuals
  • Test new features before anyone else


  • Bugs and breaks

Free Fire Advanced Serverfor Android


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