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Free DRM Removalfor Windows


Free DRM remover

Free DRM Removal lives up to its name by getting rid of any Digital Rights Management on iTunes or Apple music files. The application requires no skill or prior knowledge to use and works well on Windows versions as old as Windows Vista. This app makes it easy to copy MP4 and MP3 files with DRMs for free.

DRM removal

This application helps you remove the digital rights management from media such as Apple Music, Audiobooks, and iTunes. The software takes any guesswork out of the process of copying media files that may have DRMs. Quickly converting files into their non-DRM MP4 and MP3 counterparts is the only use of the app. 

The software provides professional results within minutes of use. The application is safe to use and won’t install viruses or suspicious coding.

Supports multiple files

Free DRM Removal supports multiple file types, with the main type being iTunes music files. It works for both purchased and rented titles, allowing you to play them on different platforms.

The app also supports Audiobooks and Apple music. This selection works well if you have alternative files such as audiobooks, or other services from Apple Music, that you’ve never shared due to the DRMs. 

Converts multiple files at once

One of the many quality-of-life features that Free DRM Removal includes allows you to convert multiple files at a time. This method saves you a few minutes as you make videos and songs to copy and share online. Once converted, the batch is ready to move to an external hard drive or be shared online.

Retains the quality

Once you’ve completed converting your files, you’ll notice there’s no change in their quality. The video remains uninterrupted, and the audio syncs without issues. As you watch the converted file, you’ll see no desyncs between the audio and video. 

Our take

Overall, Free DRM Removal is a great tool to use if you’re copying any media files with digital rights management on them. Alternatively, Requiem and M4VGear are both great options for downloading iTunes media files. These apps work well and offer decent interfaces that makes it easy to remove DRMs.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a free way to remove DRMs from iTunes and Audiobooks, this is a fantastic application to download.


  • Supports Audio Book and Apple Music
  • Retains original video and audio quality
  • Converts batches at a time
  • Supports iTunes media files


  • May work slowly on older computers

Program available in other languages

Free DRM Removalfor Windows

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