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Flip through amazing deals

Couponing today is not as tedious as tearing and keeping segments of circulars like before. Score deals no matter how big or small with Flipp. Come across slashed prices from chains like Target, Walgreens, Walmart and more.

Save money

Streamline money-saving and grocery shopping 

The app aggregates recent circulars from stores near you all in one place. Scan deals and coupons on your phone. You can choose over 2,000 retailers to mark as your favorite and stay updated.

Flipp works with a wide selection of stores. Get deals on medicine through pharmacy coupons. Appliances are also in the question because the app puts a thousand deals daily for electronics. They also have coupons for pet supplies, clothing, among others. This makes it easier to cut the shopping time for different needs.

Bookmark the deals you want to score with Clip. The feature will help you stay on track of what you want when browsing for more. This also paves the way for paperless couponing so you can save money and the earth at the same time.

Worry-free grocery listing

Write down what you need in your pantry or the snacks you want to eat on the app. You can also reference coupons you’ve clipped in-app to have a precise estimate of your total.

When you’re feeling like you’re at a loss for what you need to shop for, you can browse the trendiest and best coupon deals along with the catchiest ads for that week. Shop from their selection of deals to slash prices as easy as pressing buttons on your phone.

Share your list to your roommates or family. This will make it easier to coordinate and make sure you’re not missing anything when you shop.

Rewarded commitment

Add the loyalty cards you have on the app. You can use the points you’ve earned on your transaction and get the most out of what you have. People who tend to forget to use their loyalty cards are going to enjoy this feature.

Where can you run this program?

Flip through unbelievable deals from different retailers on your iOS or Android devices. Sadly, the app isn’t available for desktop use just yet.

Is there a better alternative?

Key Ring Reward Cards is a grocery planning app you can use to access coupons, circulars, and so much more. Stay updated with weekly ads for leading grocery store chains here.

Our take

The app is easy to use and in a matter of minutes, you’ll be learning how to use Flipp coupons all thanks to its user-friendly interface. With this app, we don’t see couponing going out of style anytime soon.

Should You Download It?

Yes. Flipp is keeping couponing culture alive and well. It is helping it adapt to a more accessible platform.


  • Free
  • Provides weekly circulars with no cost
  • Notifies you on coupon updates
  • Simplifies paperless transactions


  • Interface needs improvement
  • Reported bugs
  • Inaccurate store locator

Program available in other languages

Flippfor Android


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