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Fire Emblem Heroes is a free mobile RPG by Intelligent Systems. It’s a mobile spin-off of the popular Nintendo series, featuring familiar characters and combat mechanics. You’ll join the Order, summoning heroes to tip the scale of a massive war happening in the fantasy world. 

Save your kingdom

This game isn’t a series sequel but an adaptation of the familiar story for smartphone devices. Like Battle Chasers: Nightwar, it employs turn-based combat mechanics, while the in-depth storyline stands shoulder to shoulder with classics such as Final Fantasy VII. 

The primary source of conflict is a war between two nations. You become a hero aiding one of the Kingdoms and its Hero Order. 

You’ll summon otherworldly heroes and engage in combat. The game features characters from many franchise releases including Three Houses, Radiant Dawn, and Awakening. There are also three characters explicitly created for this title.

Tactical combat

While there’s an overarching narrative, the meat of the gameplay lies in the tactical combat. You’ll control a team of up to four heroes against enemies on a grid map. 

Different characters come with distinct skills requiring strategic thinking such as movement restrictions and attack types. The training tower is a fantastic way to increase character strength for future encounters. 

You’ll gather orbs for each successful mission. They serve as in-game currency, letting you acquire new powerful items. You gather new heroes through a gacha system of in-app purchases, or free of charge by completing various quests.

Optimized for smartphones

The Fire Emblem series is all about memorable character stories, challenging maps, and lengthy battles. However, the developers scaled-down the battle size and story depth for the mobile release to deliver a more streamlined experience. Most app graphics are simple and 2D, keeping everything smooth and straightforward.

Our take

While it somewhat simplifies the story, Fire Emblem Heroes successfully delivers all the essential gameplay elements to smartphone screens. It’s a well-executed, engaging adaptation throughout.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re fresh to the franchise, this game offers a fantastic place to start without getting overwhelmed by the sheer narrative size. Long-time fans will love the portability and new characters. 


  • Multiple crossover heroes
  • Fast-paced combat
  • Seamless control system
  • Diverse and distinct characters
  • Some new content included


  • Simplified gameplay
  • Encourages in-app purchases

Program available in other languages

Fire Emblem Heroesfor Android


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