Fallout 2for Windows


Check out the sequel to the most popular post-apocalypse game in history.

Fallout 1 fans will be impressed by this brilliant sequel of the post-apocalyptic story. Bigger maps, bigger weapons, and lethal enemies put you and your knack for adventure to the test. Expect a much more compelling journey as the world is darker and more dangerous.

Crawl out through the Fallout

The Fallout sequel brings a new core enemy and also new weaponry.

Fallout 2 takes you to a more advanced era of the nuclear stricken world. Roam freely in the much bigger areas full of surprises. The storyline retains its intricate nature, and every decision points you to a different direction. Missions become more difficult as you progress. Players have multiple routes and possibilities for every quest.

In the open-world theme of Fallout 2, entities in the game display a sense of free will. There is an advanced interaction between the hero and his surroundings. Keep an eye out for hidden quests to unlock bonus content and cinematics.

Character development gets a considerable boost. Define your strength by selecting attributes and higher stats. The choices you make in creating your hero will affect your experience. This feature is more impactful in Fallout 2 since the world is larger, and the story is longer.

Takedown mutants and survivors alike with more powerful firearms. Fallout 2 contains a brand new selection of loot for you to collect throughout the game.

The soundtrack is as brilliant as ever. Feel the same intense, eerie atmosphere as you get lost in the dark corners of the world.

Where can you run this program?

Fallout 2 requires 16 MB memory and 600 MB hard drive on any version of Windows. A 500 MB memory and a 2 GB hard drive for ideal gameplay.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Fallout 2 is one of the best classics in the RPG genre. You can try Fallout 1, its prequel, to get the feel of the action and form an expectation for what comes next.

Our take

Fallout 2 is a welcomed improvement to its prequel. Definitely a must-have for RPG fans and classic RPG players. Install the game and see how far you make it.

Should you download it?

Yes. This extension of the Fallout adventure would make a great addition to your RPG collection.


  • Improved gameplay
  • Increased difficulty
  • Enhanced storyline
  • Open world setting
  • Advanced game mechanics


  • Graphics not improved
  • Disruptive bugs

Fallout 2for Windows

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