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The Frontier is the most extensive Fallout: New Vegas mod ever released. A dozen community members have been developing it for the last seven years. It’s a full game-sized mod for any franchise fan, introducing unique gameplay mechanics and plenty of new content to the existing story and video game that a lot of players loved all those years ago.

A massive fan-made project

The Frontier places you on the cold, snowy streets of Portland. You’re amid the chaos of Caesar’s Legion while they fight the New California Exiles for military equipment and resources. This mod boasts three distinct questlines, each with over 15 hours of gameplay. 

Everything, from the game design to the voice acting and dialogue-heavy adventures, shows the creators’ dedication to developing this mod. It feels like a story of its own, and it complements the original title well.

New gameplay and quests

The three quests have you following the NCR army, the Legion, and the Crusaders of Steel. You’ll also find numerous new sidequests within these main storylines, displaying an extraordinary level of worldbuilding.

Apart from the new gameplay options, you can enjoy revamped mechanics. Most notably is the modded driving system, complete with brand-new vehicles This adds a fresh spin to the action. You’ll also discover extra armor and weapon items to keep you safe and help you fight the plethora of enemies you’ll fun into.

A well-developed environment

This game is open-world, drawing inspiration from real-life Portland with its landmarks and locations. However, the atmosphere is always chilling, with the once-great city’s ruins covered with snow, sleet, or rainfall. 

The Frontier’s audio design is fantastic, enhancing the striking visuals. The mod features over twenty-four thousand voiced lines of dialogue. These emphasize the story’s importance in every quest. The state-of-the-art sound effects make each fight sound unique and adrenaline-pumping, adding to the impressive scope of this project.

Our take

While any fan-made mod, especially one as ambitious as this, is vulnerable to glitches, The Frontier is smooth and well designed. All the additions fit well into the main story, providing a familiar feeling, yet novel experience. 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoyed New Vegas or Fallout 4, you’ll love The Frontier. It opens a whole new world of gameplay and narrative possibilities for newcomers and returning fans alike.

The Frontierfor Windows


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