Evil Genius 2: World Dominationfor Windows



Paid strategy simulation game

Evil Genius 2 is a strategy simulation game that Rebellion developed and published some time ago to rave reviews by gamers. The title was so successful that a sequel has been released and promises to be a fiendishly fantastic offering. 

Focus on world domination

 by selecting your sinister leader and construct your den of disaster. The game brings updated graphics, missions, minions, and traps for pesky world spies. It’s similar in gameplay to Planetbase, Towns, 

Civilization IV, and Dungeon Keeper.

Software requirements

The software requisites for Evil Genius 2 fall within the norm for this type of game. Due to the game's improved rendering, there has been a need for increased processing power from your computer. Minimum PC requirements are a central processing unit Core-I3-8100 with 8GB of free memory. 

Windows 10 is necessary, as is a 2GB graphics card (either a GeForce or Radeon unit). Increase these hardware specifications on your computer and the game will run as smoothly as it was intended. When you have a look at the explosions and level of detail of the minions and henchmen, you’ll see why the requirements are there.

Plans and competitors

When you buy Evil Genius 2, the world domination game includes a Steam key and a digital edition of the official magazine. Unfortunately, the season pass will require you to purchase the deluxe or collectors edition packages. The exclusive and collector packages will cost you $59.99 and $84.99, respectively. These premium editions include additional henchmen, villains, lair items, and a campaign pack.

The original Evil Genius (EG) is challenging to beat, which is one reason it has made so many fans across the globe. Planetbase and Towns offer close alternatives to EG, with a little more to offer. Dungeon Keeper is the closest option, yet some work is required to compete with EG 2.

Our take

When you need to take over the world, no one has more fun than the villain. The henchmen fight scenes and graphics are brilliantly animated, along with the numerous explosions. Get this game now! 

Should you download it?

Yes. You should try this game. Even though you can't create your own villain, there are plenty of dastardly deeds to carry out. This is an offering that will keep you busy for hours on end. 


  • Graphics are rendered better than the original
  • New villains
  • Better traps for do-gooders


  • Not enough focus on building your lair
  • Too many side missions detract from developing your den
  • There’s no multiplayer online mode, which limits playability
  • You can’t control the actions of your minions

Evil Genius 2: World Dominationfor Windows


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