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Esports Life Tycoon: Manage your own esports team

Esports Life Tycoon is a game that lets you run your own esports team, making it perfect for people who love video games and have always dreamed of managing a team. This game dives deep into what it's like to build a team from scratch, decide on everything from their look to the players you sign, and guide them to victory in tournaments on iOS.

Esports Life Tycoon features and gameplay

In this game, you get to:

  • Build Your Team: You start by creating your team, picking their outfits, designing their logo, and even choosing what your players look like. It's all about making a team that matches your style.
  • Find the Best Players: A great team needs top players, so you'll be busy scouting for talent. You can bring new stars to your team and sometimes have to make tough calls on who stays and who goes.
  • Train and Care for Your Team: Winning isn't just about having the best players; it's also about training them right and keeping them happy. From practicing their gaming skills to making sure they're living well, it's all part of the job.
  • Climb to the Top: As your team wins games, you'll get more fans and money, which lets you upgrade your gaming house and hire more staff. Your goal is to become a legend in the esports world.

Playing the game is all about balancing money, training, and strategy to win matches and move up in the ranks.

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Esports Life Tycoon System requirements

To enjoy this game without any hiccups, your device should have at least 3GB of RAM and a screen that's 5.5 inches or bigger. It works on devices that run iOS 9.0 or later, so lots of people can play it without needing the latest gadgets.

Is Esports Life Tycoon realistic?

Esports Life Tycoon does a good job of showing what it's like to manage an esports team, but it's not 100% like real life. It's really fun, especially if you like games that let you manage and make decisions. However, it might not go into all the tiny details that true esports management involves. Still, if you're into games and esports, this game is definitely worth trying out.

Esports Life Tycoon offers a cool way to step into the shoes of an esports team manager. It might not capture every single aspect of real-life team management, but it's a fun and engaging game that lets you experience the thrill of leading a team to victory. 


  • Allows you to run your own esprots team
  • Appealing graphics


  • Too many bugs and glitches
  • Repetitive

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