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Dunzo provides both comprehensive and safe delivery and bike lift services within major cities in India. The delivery app is available 24/7 and boasts quick delivery times. The privately-owned company was founded back in 2014 and interestingly, it even received funds from Google back in 2017.

Many delivery options 

What makes the service so attractive is the wide list of locations that it caters to. These locations are in Jaipur, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Gurgaon, Pune, Delhi, and Hyderabad. You can order anywhere in each of these cities, and they’ll deliver. The best part is that no delivery is too small.

If you need someone to do your grocery shopping, the Dunzo app will save the day. Whether you need to buy beauty products, fruits & vegetables, or even kitchenware, you can buy it through them. They even do medicine deliveries if you need someone to pick up some OTC medication. 

Do you need someone to send packages? You can arrange to send one with the app. Of course, you could always use it for food deliveries, that’s fine too. They’ll even deliver cakes. They can do all these drop-offs and more in only 45 minutes. Unfortunately, though, they don’t deliver alcohol. 

Bike taxis

They provide very efficient bike lifts within the cities mentioned above. Booking one of their bike taxis is easy; you can do it straight from the mobile app. All you need to do is enter your pickup and drop-off point on the app. You will be able to track your entire ride in the app as well.

Savings & payment options 

Alternative food delivery services like Zomato may be tempting, but rest assured that Dunzo stands out. You can get up to 50% off grocery shopping, food deliveries, and a lot more. For payments, you can make use of a variety of online methods. That said, they do not take cash on delivery. 

Our take

Dunzo offers excellent services for those living in many cities in India that it caters to. You’ll love that they provide so many different delivery options. They’ll go as far as to pick up forgotten keys. 

Should you download it?

Yes, you should download it if you’re looking for a single app for all your transportation needs. It is a one-stop solution. 


  • They’ll run almost any errand
  • Efficient bike lifts


  • No cash on delivery

Program available in other languages

Dunzofor Android

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