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A new kid on the block

The incredibly arcade road crossing game Crossy Road is back again, this time filled with your favorite Disney stars. The imaginative name for this amalgamation Disney Crossy Road…

Why did Buzz Lightyear cross the road?

If you have played the original Crossy Road then do not expect Disney Crossy Road to add anything mechanically to the formula. The same tight arcade action has you tapping the screen to move your character forward, while swipes left, right, and back have them move in the desired direction. Simple, and a perfect modern mobile take on Atari’s classic arcade game Frogger.

Disney Crossy Road keeps the original’s isometric blocky style that gives the feel of playing with models made from LEGO. It is a look now seen often, but the first game took it to a new level and popularized it in a way few games before it had.

Where Disney Crossy Road does mix things is with its characters. Bringing in Disney stars from all manner of movies, each one is a beautifully blocky representation of a familiar face. Starting with Mickey Mouse himself, I am treated to the typical road crossing gameplay: trying to hop through busy traffic, work my way around trees, and using logs to cross rivers.

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Disney Crossy Roadfor iOS


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