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Angry Birds Star Wars II - Merge of two big franchises

Angry Birds Star Wars II combines the fun of Angry Birds with the exciting world of Star Wars. This game, made by Rovio Entertainment, lets players join in on the famous battle between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Birds. It offers a mix of familiar gameplay and new characters from Star Wars, making it a special part of the Angry Birds series. This page refers to this game’s iOS version.

Gameplay and characters

Angry Birds Star Wars II stands out with its engaging gameplay and a wide range of characters. Here are some of the main features:

  • Exciting Gameplay: Players pick their side—Bird or Pork—and aim to knock down targets and bosses. They can also build fortresses for defense. The game challenges players to earn up to three stars for their skills in each level, which adds more fun and reasons to play again.
  • Many Characters: The game includes over 56 characters, turning well-known Star Isars heroes and villains like Darth Vader and Yoda into birds or pigs. This large variety of characters makes the game more interesting.
  • Special Character Summoning: Players can now summon specific characters during the game using the new Telepod technology. This makes the game more strategic as players can pick the best character for each situation.

Telepods and How They Work:

  • The game uses Telepod technology from Hasbro, similar to the technology in the Skylanders games.
  • By scanning a Telepod, players can bring a specific character into the game, adding more strategy to their play.
  • Each Telepod can be used on up to 15 different devices, so players have many chances to use their favorite characters.

Can you still get Angry Birds in Star Wars 2?

Currently, you can't download Angry Birds Star Wars II anymore. It was taken off the app stores and is no longer being sold. However, if you had already downloaded it before, you can still play it.

When was Angry Birds Star Wars 2 deleted?

Angry Birds Star Wars II was first released on September 19, 2013. It was quite popular for many years until it was discontinued on February 3, 2020, along with some other versions of the game. This marked the end of availability for these themed Angry Birds games, as the company decided to move in a new direction.

Angry Birds Star Wars II was a creative and fun game that brought together Angry Birds and Star Wars in a unique way. While it's no longer available for new players, it left a lasting mark on the gaming world and remains a beloved memory for its fans.


  • Merges Angry Birds and Star Wars universes
  • Fun gameplay
  • Great addition to the classic Angry Birds game


  • Discontinued

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Angry Birds Star Wars IIfor iOS


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