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A second number at lower costs

Dingtone is a subscription-based phone service that lets you text freely with users from all around the world. For non-Ding users, Dingtone lets you earn credit every day so you can call others even if they are international.

Calling internationally for much less

Why spend money on a second number when you can get one way cheaper?

Dingtone stands out because it doesn’t limit your phone calls or texts to other users. Much like Google Voice, you can get another safe cellular number. While Dingtone does let you connect messenger into the system, synchronism with other phones is not possible.  Google Voice, however, does offer that feature.

Unlike TextNow, which only allows for subscriptions in the US and Canada, Ding offers services all around the world in over 15 countries so long as you have Wi-Fi.

Another perk of downloading Dingtone is the possibility to earn credits to call non-subscribers. Just for signing in, you can take advantage of the daily reward. Also, you can watch ads to boost your collection.

Where can you run this program?

You can use it on iOS 9.0 and onwards.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Textnow and Google Voice are both free to use. Textnow also has a massive community that means you can get better usage out of it while enjoying more features.

Our take

Overall, Dingtone is a good program with its delivery feature of texting and calls. While you need to pay for subscription through the app's credits system, you may get away with not having to pay for anything else.

Should you download it?

Yes. There might be free alternatives, but this software is solid.


  • Free calls and texting
  • New phone number
  • Credit-earning system
  • Works in most countries


  • Requires an internet connection

Dingtone - WiFi Phone Calls & Text Messaging Appfor iOS


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