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Dave the Diver - The new headliner

On Steam, where thousands of games vie for attention, only a few stand out like Dave the Diver. This game has become a favorite quickly, thanks to its unique blend of fishing and RPG elements, and has received glowing reviews from players. Developed by Mintrocket, Dave the Diver started as an early access game in 2022 and its full release in June 2023 marked its rise as a major hit among PC gamers.

Does Dave the Diver have a story?

In Dave the Diver, you play as Dave, a diver who starts a sushi restaurant with his friends Cobra and Chef Bancho. They set up their restaurant near the Blue Hole, a mysterious place said to have fish from all around the world. Dave's job is to dive into the sea to fetch these fish during the day and help in the restaurant at night. As he explores underwater, he discovers a hidden sea people and starts to unravel the cause of mysterious earthquakes that affect their area.

Is Dave the Diver worth it?

Dave the Diver has been nominated for various awards for many reasons. You can find some of the key points below:

  • Dynamic Gameplay: Engage in underwater dives to collect fish and ingredients, manage a bustling sushi restaurant at night, and interact with a vibrant cast of characters.
  • Progressive Difficulty: The game balances risk and reward with strategic elements like oxygen management during dives and recipe selection during restaurant hours.
  • Continuous Upgrades: Use your earnings to upgrade diving equipment, expand the sushi bar, and unlock new recipes and gameplay features.
  • Engaging Storyline: Follow Dave's journey from a simple sushi vendor to a pivotal figure in a grander narrative involving environmental and mystical elements.

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Dave the Diver free Godzilla DLC

The newest free DLC (downloadable content) for "Dave the Diver" introduces the legendary Godzilla into the game, making an already exciting world even more thrilling. Here’s what this update includes:

  • Meet Godzilla and Other Monsters: Dive deeper into the Blue Hole and encounter Godzilla and other famous monsters.
  • New Adventures and Rewards: This DLC adds new quests, gear, and parts of the story, expanding what you can do in the game.
  • Celebrate Godzilla’s Anniversary: The DLC celebrates 70 years of Godzilla with special content that honors the monster’s legacy.

This update brings new challenges and surprises that keep the game interesting for both new players and those who have been playing for a while.

Dave the Diver is a great example of how indie games can make a big impact with a mix of good storytelling, engaging gameplay, and continual updates. 


  • Perfect summer game
  • Great mixed genre management
  • Impressive game design


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