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Unsettling but rewarding roguelike RPG: Darkest Dungeon Review

Darkest Dungeon presents a challenging and psychologically intense experience for players venturing into its dark and treacherous dungeons. As the leader of a group of flawed heroes, you must navigate through Lovecraftian horrors and maintain your party's sanity amidst the perils of dungeon exploration. Join the ranks of other renowned roguelike RPGs like Into the Breach and Risk of Rain, as Darkest Dungeon offers a uniquely punishing yet gratifying gameplay experience.

This turn-based dungeon crawler delves deep into the psychological stress faced by adventurers, where paranoia, fear, and anxiety play pivotal roles in shaping your heroes' fate through the innovative Affliction System. Prepare for a relentless and unforgiving journey where every decision matters, and victory shines as a beacon of hope amid a sea of despair and malevolence.

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