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Purchasable medieval combat game

Chivalry 2 is a purchasable Windows PC game that challenges players to fight each other in melee combat. The title takes place in a fictional medieval world, where two opposing sides are fighting for survival. The game was free during its open beta, which only lasted for a handful of days.

Chivalry 2 is similar to its popular and more free-formed alternative, Mordhau. However, if you’re looking for a more challenging game, For Honor is a great option. Chivalry 2 boasts some of the best action in its genre and is less realistic than other titles.

Up to 64 player matches

Chivalry 2 boasts cross-platform multiplayer with up to 64 players on a server. The available platforms that support crossplay include PS5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and PS4.


Chivalry 2 works with a class mechanic, separating your choices into four main groups with three subtypes each. The main groupings are Archer, Vanguard, Footman, and Knight. Each subtype has a special ability, unique health values, and its own selection of weapons.

As you play and earn gold, you’re able to unlock customization options for the Mason, Agatha, and free-for-all versions of your four main classes. The options available range from adjusting your armor, voice, and face to picking a new appearance for your swords, bows, and shields.

Throwables and environments

Chivalry 2 embraces the idea of using your environment to fight opponents. As you run to combat, you’ll find logs, horse dung, rocks, stones, shovels, cartwheels, and many more items to toss at an enemy. If your opponent runs away during a fight, throwing your ax or sword into their back is a surefire way to claim victory.

Aside from throwables, the game has many hanging items or objects waiting to have their lever pulled. Activating trap doors on a gate will quickly remove enemies, and dropping a body from the gallows is a sneaky way to claim victory.

Our take

Chivalry 2 is an epic game with stunning visuals and a sense of humor. Whether you’re in the middle of a castle siege or a team deathmatch, there’s plenty of voice commands to express yourself. Due to the combat system and gameplay, the title is easy to play and follow along as you complete objectives.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoy medieval fighting games or want to try an action-packed title, this option is worth downloading.


  • Fun combat system
  • Cross-play enabled
  • Up to 64-player battles
  • Multiple classes to play
  • Objective based game modes


  • Servers are prone to connection issues
  • Minor visual errors

Chivalry 2for Windows


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