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Captivating Life Simulation: Chinese Parents Review

Immerse yourself in the journey of an ordinary child growing up in China with "Chinese Parents," a captivating life simulation game by Littoral Games. This unique blend of realism and cultural authenticity allows players to experience childhood and adolescence, culminating in the daunting "Gaokao" examination. Balancing academic rigor, personal growth, and social interactions, this game offers a heartfelt glimpse into the life of a student. Similar to titles like "Dead Plate," "Chinese Parents" provides branching plotlines based on your choices.

From birth to high school graduation, players navigate the intricacies of growing up, shaping their character and future through a series of mini-games and activities. With unique experiences and storylines for both genders, players can explore heartfully woven narratives and distinctive characters, creating engaging playthroughs. Interact with 14 different friends, experience diverse social scenarios, and explore various romantic developments. The game's exploration of parenting styles influences the child's happiness and stress levels, making each decision impactful. Enjoy over 100 possible career endings and a generational legacy system that encourages strategic thinking for long-term goals.

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