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Bless Mobile is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) on mobile devices. The game was originally published in 2018 but has recently seen a global release by publisher JoyCity. Based on the Bless series as an MMORPG, Bless mobile is the successor to Bless Online and Bless Unleashed.


Bless Mobile puts the experience of an MMORPG in the palm of your hand. All the classic features of the genre are here, including highly detailed character creation, expansive activities, guilds, and a global community. The gameplay is more action-oriented than the typical MMORPGs such as WoW, requiring the aiming of attacks rather than cast timers.

Character creation offers four races: the elegant Aqua Elves, the towering Pantera, the diminutive Masque, and the human-like Habichts. Some races are incapable of playing specific classes. For example, the Aqua Elves and Masque are capable of being paladins and mages but not rangers and berserkers. The opposite is true for Pantera and Habichts.

Character customization for each race is done through a variety of presets and sliders to customize face, hair, body, and outfits. There are dozens of options for creating unique characters.


JoyCity’s Bless Mobile doesn’t have that much competition due to the unique combat system that is the main draw. The game’s newness on the global scale means that games with seniority, such as Black Desert Mobile, can be a threat to its growth. Both games feature a similar approach to combat, making them closer to a subgenre of the MMORPG.

The primary difference is in their visuals and customization. Black Desert Mobile, much like its predecessor Black Desert Online, is limited in character creation customization. Characters can be created to look however a player wishes, but their gender and appearance are dependent on their class. Bless Mobile, on the contrary, offers better customization options.

Our take

Bless Mobile is a true successor to Bless Online, keeping the creativity and out-of-the-box thinking that made JoyCity’s title popular. The gameplay is fun and engaging without straying too far from the traditional MMORPG formula.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re a fan of action RPGs and MMORPGs that follow the familiar style.


  • Excellent customization
  • Engaging combat
  • Easy to pick up


  • Simplistic character classes

Bless Mobilefor iOS


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