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BitTorrent is one of the many in a large market of file-sharing services that use the BitTorrent network. The decentralized method in which these programs upload and download files between users is called torrenting. Torrenting, along with BitTorrent, has received a negative reputation due to the illegal use of the service.


BitTorrent lets you download large files through torrents in bulk. The service also enables you to schedule downloads, manage their network usage, and avoid slowing down your internet. The lightweight client allows dozens of files to be downloaded at once, with a sorting mechanism enabling priority to specific files.

The premium version of the service includes multiple benefits depending on the level of subscription. A pro subscription scans files being torrented, previews them, and allows you to convert the files to play on various devices. BitTorrent Pro+VPN includes all these features and also one year of CyberGhost VPN for up to five devices.

Despite the reputation of torrenting, BitTorrent itself is legal to use as intended. The service is safe and won’t target your data, unlike some competitors.


Torrenting files has a generally negative connotation due to the illegal act of internet piracy. Having a torrenting program on your computer may be frowned upon by peers. Groups and platforms such as The Pirate Bay have made torrenting synonymous with theft, due to their illegal actions and the possibility of serious repercussions like jail time.

Beyond the connotations, BitTorrent’s free version offers no protection from viruses. This means that mass downloads become a dangerous gamble since any unknown file could potentially ruin your computer.


There’s plenty of competition for the title of largest torrenting service, such as qBittorrent and µTorrent competing against it. While all of these programs use the same client and network to perform torrents, they differ in inaccessibility.

qBittorrent is significantly easier to use and access than the standard BitTorrent service. It was even designed to be the 'Anti-µTorrent.' After that, the software began to lose traction in the industry. µTorrent began this downward spiral after several controversies began to arise due to malware and intrusive advertisements on the service.

Our take

BitTorrent is the original in mass file downloading and uploading for torrent services. The product is matched in utility and purpose by competitors, which also use the same client. However, the service is cumbersome to newcomers when compared to qBittorrent.

Should you download it?

No. New and old users will have an easier time with qBittorrent.


  • Free version
  • Premiums are affordable


  • Basic
  • Lacks accessibility

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