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Bed Wars by Blockman GO Studio is an exciting mobile game for Android that pits you against three other player teams. You all start off on separate islands, intending to destroy the ‘Beds’ (centers) of other teams’ bases. The last surviving Bed takes the gold in this battle of skill and tactics.

A simple premise

This game comes with a simple narrative but still manages to create engaging, ruthless battles. It’s a PvP online setting of four teams, each consisting of four players. 

Each team was born on a different diamond island, with a Bed in the center, necessary for their survival. In gameplay mechanic terms, it’s the only thing that lets players revive. As the game starts, it becomes your job to defend your Bed and destroy those of your opponents. 

You’ll have to build a bridge to other islands to attack the Bed. To do so, you can use the iron, gold, and diamonds found on your land, exchanging it for equipment and becoming more powerful than your opponents. 

Strategic gameplay

Collecting resources is central to your survival. Each island produces iron, diamonds, gold, and emeralds. Your equipment can help you amass those resources. Then, head to the island shopkeeper to purchase items and upgrade your skills using the goods you gathered.

Note, however, that you’ll also need resources to build the bridge and fight. So, you must delegate resources to various objectives appropriately and strategically to ensure victory.

Last team standing

If another team reaches your island before you arrive at theirs, you don’t have to stop building the bridge. This game declares the last group with a surviving bed the victor, allowing a part of your team to defend the home while the others head to attack others. 

Our take

Minecraft spawned multiple mini-games that use its core graphic elements and mechanics to create exciting battles and adventures. Like Treasure Wars, Bed Wars is a fun, immersive experience, even despite being buggy at times.

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you’re a Minecraft fan and have a large enough group of friends interested in playing the game with you. Bed Wars is a mobile game that will bring you hours of fun.


  • Engaging multiplayer experience
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Upgrades and customization options


  • Occasional UI glitches

Program available in other languages

Bed Warsfor Android

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