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Paid action FPS game

Battlefield 2042 is a paid action first-person shooting game like Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War and Warface that’s cast in real-world settings. However, the timeline is in the near future where chaos and disorder reign supreme. It also features many multiplayer modes, one of which is a Battle Royale environment with support for up to 128 players.

Available for gaming on Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and the previous generation consoles, Battlefield 2042 is cross-platform. The online feature will have Battle Passes with tiers, while you can also unlock skins for the specialists. Weapons have several upgrade options, and there are charms and camos as unique attachments.

Head into the future

While Battlefield 2042 offers a realistic FPS experience, you’ll find your specialist fighting on a futuristic battleground. Therefore, you can expect to see advanced tech and weaponry not yet seen in the real world. The story so far revolves around a world that has descended into chaos, which you’ll need to fix to restore order.

Choose your specialist

Where Call of Duty has operators, Battlefield 2042 has specialists. Many of the COD features appear in this intense FPS game, with similar items like charms, upgrades, and camos. Still, the specialists are unique and have abilities not available in other games, which is what will draw players to try it out.

Stunning visuals and exclusive soundtrack

Of course, you can expect beautiful graphics and outstanding sound with any game that has realistic environments. Battlefield 2042 adds to the flavor, containing an exclusive soundtrack with unique music. The tunes will add to the action gameplay as you run down your opponents with your high-tech weapons.

Our take

Battlefield 2042 is an outstanding addition to the FPS series, bringing a futuristic setting where you’ll need your guns to restore peace. There’ll be several Battle Passes throughout the year, ensuring that the action never ends with new upgraded content. However, the game has high Windows spec requirements for all the resources it needs.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re into intense FPS action while battling other online players. It’s an exciting alternative to the Call of Duty franchise, but it may be hard to decide which one to spend more time on.


  • Outstanding gameplay
  • Exceptional graphics
  • Exclusive soundtrack
  • Loads of content all year


  • Advanced gaming PC needed
  • High spec requirements for PC

Battlefield 2042for Windows


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