STAR WARS™: Squadronsfor Windows



First-person dogfighting action game

Star Wars: Squadrons is a space combat game. You’ll assume control over a spacecraft from either the New Republic navy or the Galactic Empire. Electronic Arts did a fantastic job of making the fighting experience as realistic as it gets with this new release. 

Top-notch mechanics

Star Wars is a popular game inspiration, with titles ranging from shooters like Dark Forces to more plot-based titles such as Jedi: Fallen Order. Still, most die-hard fans wanted more than anything to hop into their X-Wing or Tie Fighter and experience the action first-hand.

Squadrons let you do that in a fantastically-developed simulation game. The deep levels of engine management, flying techniques, and weaponry options are superbly immersive. It creates an exhilarating experience whether you’re on Xbox, PS, or PC, even if you don’t use VR to play it. 

Single-player mode

The single-player mode serves as a gameplay tutorial that eases you into all the game’s intricacies, although it could easily be a standalone game. Here, you play skirmishes, flying several starfighters from both sides across 14 missions

Earlier tasks in Star Wars: Squadrons lock you in a specific position, while later, you get more flexibility in deciding what you want to fly, getting used to all the options. The campaign takes about eight hours to finish, after which you’re ready for the online multiplayer version.

Multiplayer mode

There’s no cooperative mode here. The only multiplayer options are the 5v5 deathmatches and fleet battles, involving more extensive conflicts to destroy your opponent’s capital chip. This version is much livelier, more chaotic, and challenging to master.

EA decided to force you into making strategic and tactical decisions while coordinating with other players in an increasingly volatile environment.

Our take

Overall, if you have the patience and the equipment for it, Squadrons are the crowning jewel of all Star Wars games. It’s immersive, detailed, and even the single-player mode grants hours of fun, engagement, and exhilaration.

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan. However, if you’re a more casual gamer not comfortable with the learning curve, stick to the more accessible franchise-inspired combat titles.


  • Detailed spacecraft mechanics
  • Works with or without VR
  • Fantastic graphics and design


  • Limited multiplayer options

STAR WARS™: Squadronsfor Windows


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