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Free multiplayer online shooter

Battle Prime presents a third-person shooter that initially looks similar to many Apple App Store titles. It’s free-to-play but with paid subscription plans, in-app purchases, and superpowers. The superpowers feature is what helps Battle Prime stand out from the crowd.

Multiplayer shooters

As PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile continue to dominate the multiplayer shooter landscape, app stores are filling up with similar games hoping to take their place. While many titles are clones or inferior copies, some make an extra effort to give players a little extra. That’s where Battle Prime from developers Blitz Team comes in.

Prime Agents

At first glance, Battle Prime looks like any other tactical shooter: anonymous soldiers shooting each other to bits in picturesque European villages. Except for that, other players suddenly disappear in a burst of speed, and that one can soak up a terrifying amount of damage. These are Prime Agents, and you can choose between them before and during matches. Most of the default abilities offer unique combat perks, like stun grenades and motion sensors, but you can also upgrade characters in various ways such as make your avatar faster, stronger, or a better shooter.


Prime Agents are Battle Prime’s main selling point, alongside console-quality graphics. The game itself consists of straightforward multiplayer modes, like deathmatch and control, usually between teams of six players.  

Free-to-play or pay-to-win?

If you pay for a premium account, you get a few days free. Otherwise, the free default account comes with limited character features. To get the most out of the game, you’ll need to pay for an account. In-app purchases can be made for weapons, skins, and so on, most of which offer a noticeable advantage in the game.

Our take

Battle Prime has gorgeous graphics and runs well on most modern iOS devices. The game controls well, with the Prime Agents’ abilities adding the occasional welcome surprise to an otherwise run-of-the-mill online shooter app. Casual players will likely get a kick out of the game in the short-term, but you’ll need a premium account if you want to advance.

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s initially free and fun for at least a few matches.


  • Console-level graphics
  • Interesting character abilities
  • Fluid controls


  • Repetitive game modes

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Battle Prime: Epic PvP Shooterfor iOS


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