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A free adventure survival game

Badlanders is a free action game by NetEase Games; it’s a new title still in the early access stage of beta tests. It places you in the Red Beach Sanctuary that housed the world’s best weapon tech. However, war broke out, leaving behind only bloody ruins and scavengers competing to survive. 

Plot-driven gameplay 

In Badlanders, you take on the role of a special agent out on a massive battlefield. During the gameplay, your goal is to escape various areas by gathering gear and knocking down enemies. You can also sell the loot, improving your arsenal even further. 

You’ll have to stay vigilant as you move around. There are enemies at every corner, making you gauge the risk vs. reward factor. If you die, you’ll lose all your loot and have to start from scratch.

Highly customizable and realistic gameplay

As you gather firearms, you’ll find that most come with attachments and accessories, which you can modify to suit your playstyle the best. The 3D graphics help you engage in each round and place you’re exploring, finding realistic, gritty resources and tools to help you survive.

The game takes place in rounds, with easy-to-manipulate characters. The action buttons on the right side of your screen resemble a virtual joystick, ensuring straightforward controls

The settings are well-designed, too, making the game straightforward even for novices in the world of shooting and looting games. 

Inspired by predecessors

While it’s not battle royale like Fortnite or Call of Duty: Mobile, Badlanders puts 25 players on the map and has them fighting each other to survive. It’s a bit more story-driven and immersive, focusing less on the mechanics, but there’s an evident inspiration from games like Escape From Tarkov.

Our take

NetEase delivered an immersive survival game that stands out for its story-driven gameplay and highly developed plot. It looks impressive, too, and it’s easy to get into it. Overall, it’s a must-try for any genre buff.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you like the premise, or you’re a fan of mobile shooter looters in general, this game is a fantastic addition to your collection. However, if you get irritated quickly, wait for a while to let developers fix the glitches.


  • Impressive graphics
  • Customizable items and weapons
  • Well-developed storyline


  • Still glitchy at times

Badlandersfor iOS


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