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Bad Piggies 2: For Angry Birds fans

Bad Piggies 2 is the exciting follow-up to the first Bad Piggies game, made by Rovio Entertainment, the company behind Angry Birds. This game, compatible with a wide range of devices, lets players dive into new adventures with the green pigs, where they have to build creative machines to solve puzzles and move through levels. It keeps the fun parts from the first game but adds new features, better graphics, and tougher puzzles to make everything even more interesting for both newbies and fans of the original game on iOS devices.

Bad Piggies 2 gameplay

The gameplay of Bad Piggies 2 is all about building and problem-solving, with some cool new twists:

  • Smaller Building Space: Now, there's a limit to where you can build your machines, making you think harder about your designs.
  • 3D Graphics: The game looks better with 3D graphics, making everything you build and the world around it pop out more.
  • Energy Meter: There's a new energy meter to keep an eye on, adding a challenge to plan your moves more carefully.
  • Breakable Stuff: You'll find things made of wood and iron in levels that you can smash through with a new part called the bulldozer blade, which opens up new ways to play.
  • Better Parts: You can upgrade your machine parts now, making your creations stronger and more capable of getting past difficult spots.
  • Dress Up Your Pigs: You can change how your pigs look with different outfits and accessories, which is just for fun.
  • Rewards and Competition: There are loot crates you can earn and a weekly competition where you can see how your creations stack up against others.

Is Bad Piggies 2 free?

The best part about Bad Piggies 2 is that anyone can play it without paying anything. It's totally free to download and start playing. But you can buy those inside the game if you want to get special items or power-ups.

What countries can you play Bad Piggies 2?

Initially, Bad Piggies 2 was released in a few countries like Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and Poland, giving players there a first look. However, there was a big change when Rovio Gaming announced on October 19, 2023, that they would stop working on the game for now, and by October 31, 2023, the game's servers were shut down. This means the game's future is in the air, leaving fans wondering what's next for these creative puzzles and characters.

Bad Piggies 2 brought new and exciting challenges to the table with its updated gameplay and graphics. It was free for everyone to try, but the game's sudden halt in development and server shutdown has left many questions about where it goes from here.


  • Fun and hard levels
  • Many new features added


  • Servers shut down

Program available in other languages

Bad Piggies 2for iOS


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