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Video download and capture software

aTube Catcher lets you download videos from various well-known sites, as well as capture video that’s playing on your desktop. In addition, it incorporates other multimedia features to provide an all-in-one file conversion and recording suite.

Video download software

When it comes to downloading video files from the Internet, there are plenty of options available. Some, like Youtube-DLG, specialize in one particular site. Others, like 4K Video Downloader, offer multiple download and conversion options

aTube Catcher has been free for many years and offers more features than many of its rivals. It can handle just about any file type you throw at it.

Windows video software

aTube Catcher is compatible with all Windows versions, from XP and up. Once installed, it runs smoothly, as long as you have an x86 or compatible processor. aTube Catcher captures whatever video is playing on your screen, as well as audio from your speakers or microphone.

Other features

aTube Catcher can download videos from several sites, including YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. The download speed depends on your internet connection. The software can also convert between different formats (e.g., from AVI to MP4) and capture video in whichever file type you prefer.

Conversion also extends to audio files. Plus, if you’ve downloaded a music video, for example, you can save it just as an MP3 file. Conversion of any type is generally fast, although larger files can take a while.

Lastly, the software also lets you burn to a DVD or CD (if your PC has this ability), find videos with a built-in search function, and resize video files. These features are easy to find and use, thanks to a clear dashboard that separates each function into tabs.

Our take

It’s frankly unbelievable how much you can accomplish with this software. It’s also unbelievable that it’s completely free, with no catch. Although there are more polished examples of video download software available, and if the function is more important to you than form, aTube Catcher is an excellent example of an all-in-one media suite for you.

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s free, and you can accomplish a wide variety of tasks with it.


  • Convert video and audio to multiple formats
  • Capture media playing on your computer
  • Batch download


  • Automatically installs a legally-dubious MP3 downloader

Program available in other languages

aTube Catcherfor Windows

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