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The prehistoric age reimagined

ARK brings you back to the harsh conditions of the prehistoric world. Gather materials for constructions and food for survival, and explore the world as you try to tame the wilderness.

Fight for survival

Can you survive the harsh prehistoric world solo or would you rather test your luck on a multiplayer server?

The game starts the same as the console version - character customization. You are tossed back to prehistoric times and must fight for survival and dominance in the old world. Start playing ARK Survival and experience perilous weather conditions and hazardous environment of ancient times. Interact with various prehistoric animals, but beware of giant dinosaurs. You are not the only hunter in your region nor the only human. Look for tribes of other players and build a base together.

The graphics in this game are gorgeous. You might forget that you play a mobile game. There is a lot to do in ARK as well. You start by collecting stones and wood for simple structures, but over time, you will abandon the nomadic way of life for a sedentary lifestyle.

Build farms, strong walls, and watch your settlement flourish. Befriend, tame, and train dinosaurs to assist you in daily tasks and fight against enemies. Catch as many animals as you can, and later you can breed them.

The graphics and the rich content work against this app. Your phone might not handle the workload, which results in a crash. The game lacks no content, but sometimes it is hard to coordinate on small screens. It also can take up to eleven days to breed dinosaurs, which makes the process of breeding feel not worth it due to the long wait times.

Despite its flaws, ARK Survival Evolved is a fun game which won’t keep the player bored.

Where can you run this program?

This game requires Android 7 and up. It can be played on touch-screen Android devices with minimum 3 GB of RAM and Vulkan support.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. There are more survival mobile games on the market. Not all of them have visuals and content of ARK, but they are less burdensome for your system. Oceanborn manages to capture all the essential crafting and surviving elements as this title, but without causing your device to crash.

Our take

ARK Survival Evolved delivers more than just a couple of hours of fun. The vast content will keep you busy for days, and the graphics are amazing.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you are a fan of this title, or survival games in general, you need to download this program


  • Interesting gameplay
  • Pet dinosaurs
  • Good graphics
  • A lot of content


  • Slow-paced
  • Crashes on occasions
  • Dinosaurs take a long time to tame and breed

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ARK: Survival Evolvedfor Android


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