ARK: Survival Evolvedfor iOS



A test of survival

You can travel back in time and learn how to survive with little to nothing. There’s a chance to experience changes in the environment that force you to adapt or die.

Back to square one

Here’s a title that takes you way back. Prehistoric times boast dinosaurs and primitive tools in a world that will seem foreign to most.

In this title you move through different stages of life, starting at the beginning of time. As you journey onwards, you’ll need to find the means to stay alive. You develop strategies to progress through the different spaces in time. Heading back and forth makes this title intriguing.

Various challenges and trying situations will test you as you move deeper into exploration. Extreme weather conditions and forces of nature will come at you, and you will need to persevere and fight your way to the other side of each situation.

Life-threatening creatures may appear, and you need to protect yourself from their attacks. Tasks like hunting for your food will keep you busy, while at times you will need to rest to replenish your energy for the coming phases.

You don’t have to go it alone, though. If you prefer company along the way, you can choose to have a pet dinosaur to stay at your side on your travels.

The landscape changes as you age in the game. From caves to farms, technology will eventually arrive, and you will be in a new era. This type of mechanic keeps you on your toes. There’s no one way to stay alive and thrive in this title. Your ability to adapt to each situation creates a tense, yet at the same time, enjoyable atmosphere.

Where can you run this program?

The game runs on iOS version 12.1.2 and later versions. It’s also available for Windows, Mac OS, and Android.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. More expansive and interactive games like Conan Exiles include epic battles and a large variety of collectible weapons and armor to ensure your survival.

Our take

What shines here is the story and the way it plays with time. The survival aspect is fun, but it isn’t enough to make it stand out in the genre.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for something different and are interested to see how man survived at the beginning of time, this is the game to play.


  • Interesting plot
  • Good graphics
  • Expansive timeline


  • Lack of action

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ARK: Survival Evolvedfor iOS


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