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Get ready to be addicted to a new game. Aquapark is all about swimming down a slide and getting to the bottom before your opponents do.

A classic racing game with a watery twist

Swim, slide, and earn coins in this aquatic racing game!

Slide down to victory with Aquapark! Choose your name and gender and steer your swimmer down the tube. The aim is to get to the bottom of the slide before your opponents do, in order to advance to the next level. Pick up some coins on the way for bonus points.

The game is ideal for some light-hearted fun. If you’re bored out of your mind or have no internet connection, load up Aquapark and start. The software is available to play regardless of service or internet connection. Take a break from your office work and let your stress out by knocking opponents off a water slide.

Start playing straight away without any prior instructions. Aquapark has a classic game plot to it and doesn’t require a lot of thinking. The mobile software does have a lot of ads, however. Every time you advance to the next slide or lose a life, you’re faced with an advert before you can proceed. This can get frustrating and be off-putting if you want to play without interruptions.

In general, the game has quite a few pitfalls. It’s incomplete and doesn’t offer a lot as a long-term software. There are only fifteen slides altogether, and a lot of “coming soon” signs posted over most of the game.

Earning coins is a good game point but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to spend them. Similar games offer skins or other in-games purchases, but Aquapark doesn’t provide a reason to collect coins. It makes the game feel empty and, along with the constant ads, probably not very playable.

Where can you run this program?

This particular version is for Android, but the game is available on iOS as well.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. This game lacks a lot of features and is incomplete. A similar game with more levels is Touch the Walls.

Our take

Aquapark has a good premise and game plot, but it lacks anything special. The game has incomplete features and can be played through quickly. It could be improved by adding some purpose to the coin collection and extra levels.

Should you download it?

No, there are better alternatives with more gameplay and fewer ads.

Waterpark Slide.iofor Android


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