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Angry Sea Dragon - Free adventure in the depths of the sea

"Angry Sea Dragon" is a cool Android game where you and other players shoot at fish to win prizes. It's like other fish shooting games but with a twist—you play against people in real-time. Everyone has water guns, and the goal is to hit fish until they're gone. Big fish are tougher but give you more points. To keep playing, you buy ammo with real money, which turns into game currency. This makes the game exciting and competitive, with special events to make things even more interesting.

Playing "Angry Sea Dragon" is fun and involves a bit of thinking. Here's what you do:

  • Join a Game: You start by joining a game with up to three others. Your main tool is your water gun.
  • Shoot Fish: The main goal is to shoot at fish. Each fish is different, some are easy to beat, and some are hard.
  • Buy Ammo: You need to buy ammo with real money. This ammo helps you keep playing and winning.
  • Pick Your Targets: It's important to choose wisely which fish to shoot at. Big fish give you more points but are harder to beat.
  • Join Events: The game has special events that add new challenges and fun ways to play.

The game keeps you thinking and planning your next move, making it really engaging.

Is Angry Sea Dragon free?

Yes, "Angry Sea Dragon" is free to play. You can download and start playing without paying anything. Even though the game suggests buying ammo for a better experience, you can still enjoy it without spending money. You can earn rewards in the game, though it might take longer. Playing smartly and joining in events can also help you get ahead without spending cash. This makes the game fun and accessible to everyone, whether you want to spend money or not.

Similar games

If you like "Angry Sea Dragon," there are other fun games you might enjoy:

  • Hungry Shark Evolution: In this game, you're a shark that eats to grow bigger. There are 45 missions, each offering new challenges. Eating fish and avoiding dangers like jellyfish make the game exciting. Though earning coins can be slow, the game is still fun to play.
  • fafafa: This game takes the classic fish shooting game and brings it to your phone. You can play for free or spend money for different modes. The game looks great and plays well, but it might be tricky for new players without a tutorial.

These games offer their own fun adventures under the sea, with challenges and levels that keep you entertained.

"Angry Sea Dragon" is a great game for anyone looking for something new to play. It mixes strategy, competition, and underwater fun in a way that's engaging for all. Whether you're playing for free or buying ammo, there's always something exciting waiting in the game.


  • Fun experience
  • Successful theme


  • Can be pay-to-win at times

Program available in other languages

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