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DS: Blade of Hashira - A fantasy adventure game

DS: Blade of Hashira is an idle RPG title based on the popular anime Demon Slayer. In the game, players take on the role of a young boy who sets out to avenge the death of his family by slaying demons. The characters in this game are more than just tools for fighting. Each character has their own unique skills and abilities, so you can create a team that suits your playstyle.

What is DS: Blade of Hashira?

Demon Slayer: Play the Hashira is an action-packed mobile game that immerses players in the captivating world of the Demon Slayer anime and manga series. It offers a thrilling combination of character collection, strategic battles, and immersive storytelling. Players assemble powerful teams, explore iconic locations, and engage in challenging battles against formidable demons.

Best DS: Blade of Hashira tips

Mastering the game's intricacies can greatly enhance your experience and progress. Here are some valuable tips and tricks to help you navigate this immersive gaming universe more effectively.

Join a guild

Early on, one of the most crucial steps you can take is to join a guild. This decision can significantly ease your journey through the game. Guild membership allows you to participate in instances, where you can earn gold materials to upgrade your characters and purchase items from the shop. Additionally, guilds offer opportunities to accumulate gold, recruit powerful allies, and gain access to valuable resources. Over time, you can even amass enough gold to obtain rare and powerful characters.

Be a part of the community

Building a robust network of in-game friends is essential. The more friends you have, the more gifts you can receive, which ultimately aids in your character development. While friendship summoning may not always yield legendary characters, it can provide valuable assets for your team.

Track events and rewards

Keep an eye on in-game events, as they can offer substantial rewards. Prioritize events that grant useful items without requiring excessive spending. Some events, like the one offering breakstones, can significantly boost your character's potential. These materials are particularly vital in the early stages of the game, helping you gain an advantage over your adversaries.

Character draws are key

As you progress in Demon Slayer, you'll have ample opportunities to acquire new characters through draws. Don't rush to spend money, as the game provides a steady stream of summons over time. These draws can yield formidable allies, making it unnecessary to overspend on acquiring characters.

Quick battles

Efficiently gaining experience points (XP) can be challenging, but quick battles and the idle system can help. Utilize quick battles to earn XP, and regularly check the idle system, which generates XP and additional items, such as maple leaves.

Pillar training

Once you reach a certain level, prioritize the daily trial and pillar training. Completing these tasks can earn you valuable red items that significantly boost your combat power. While they become more challenging, they are essential for character growth.

Arena strategies

In the Arena, choose your opponents wisely. Consider not only combat power but also the synergy and abilities of your opponent's team. Focus on opponents who have a higher combat power than you do to maximize your chances of victory.

A complete experience

DS: Blade of Hashira is a great game with a lot to offer. The characters are well-designed and the gameplay is challenging. You will need to use your skills and strategy to overcome the enemy teams. Each character here has their own unique skills and abilities, so you can create a team that suits your playstyle. Choose the one that suits your gameplay and dominate the gameplay.


  • Exciting combat
  • Diverse characters


  • In-app purchases

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DS:Blade of Hashirafor Android


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