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Unlock skins for free

AG Injector automatically unlocks skins for the various champions of Mobile Legends but is an unofficial application. This makes it extremely easy to play with your favorite cosmetics.

No sign-up required

AG Injector is a utility that unlocks skins in the game Mobile Legends, reducing the required grind for them.

AG Injector constantly receives updates that add new skins to the cosmetics library you can use to unlock. This makes it possible to download outfits for the entire roster of Mobile Legends while waiting for only the newest items to be added to the application.

Downloading a cosmetic is a quick and easy process that completes in moments. The application uses your file storage for this. However, it does not collect or send any of your data to the developers. All skin variations are presented on the same page to help you make your choice.

Unlike other hacks, you will not need to sign up or input any personal information before downloading outfits for your favorite Mobile Legends character. This speeds up the process of getting your skin and keeps the app safe to use.

The interface places all the key features you need to start downloading cosmetics directly at your fingertips. Characters are displayed in a list and selecting one will display all available items that can be installed.

The application is not official, which does place you at risk of viruses and a possible Mobile Legends account ban if the developers decide to act against anyone using this application.

Where can you run this program?

AG Injector is available for Android 4.4 and up.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. While you can get skins for free with this app, it’s safer to purchase your items from the Mobile Legends game directly.

Our take

AG Injector is a great way to get skins, but is an unofficial application and should be used with caution.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want free skins for Mobile Legends, this app is a great shortcut to getting the perfect cosmetic.


  • Skins for all Mobile Legends champions
  • Quick to install
  • No sign-up


  • Unofficial application

AG Injectorfor Android


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