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Adobe Audition is an audio editing app with a free trial. This app was originally named Cool Edit developed by Syntrillium Software in the 1990s. Later the app was purchased by Adobe and was revamped and renamed Adobe Audition. The software has made long strides over the years and has gone through many different revisions, but is it any good?

Some of the features

Although the app has a bit of a learning curve, Adobe Audition is an excellent choice for an offline audio workstation. It boasts a sleek interface, dividing various features by tabs. You can also move around and dock panels that you use the most. There’s a sound remover that lets you remove specific audio elements in a particular part of the audio. 

You’ll also come to appreciate the preview edits feature, which allows you to compare waveform tweaks before accepting changes. With clip handling and other audio-manipulation methods, Adobe Audition lets you easily create large projects involving multiple tracks. 

The ITU loudness metering lets you measure your sound against the broadcasting measures of today. Additionally, there are also many sound design tools such as a noise generator and audio effects.


Adobe Audition works best on a Windows computer running at the very minimum of a dual-core processor. It also requires at least 2 GB of RAM and 2 GB of HDD space. You’ll also need a Creative Cloud subscription. 

Payment plans

Adobe Audition is available for free only as a 7-day free trial version, after which you’ll have to accept one of their payment plans, and is available as part of many of their packages. There's a discount for teachers and students.

If you’re looking for free software that performs similar tasks, you may want to check out Audacity

Our take

Adobe Audition is an excellent professional software for audio editing. However, the app is a bit excessive if you only want to edit volume and cut out parts of your podcast.

Should you download it?

Yes, but only if you’re serious about what you’re doing and need in-depth features for your work. 


  • Clean UI
  • Loudness metering
  • Video tutorials
  • Cloud storage


  • Steep learning curve

Program available in other languages

Adobe Auditionfor Windows


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