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Fearless and United Guards (FAU-G) is a hopeful rival to a plethora of other battle royale and military-themed mobile games. Made in India, the game is a celebration of the country’s real-life military stationed in the inhospitable Galwan Valley. The game is free and available on Android devices.

A battle royale hopeful

Ever since the popular battle royale game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)  was banned in India, multiple mobile games have appeared to take their place. These include well-known titles Call of Duty Mobile and Free Fire. FAU-G is the latest, India-developed military game to try, but what does it have to offer?

Currently, FAU-G is only a solo gameplay mode, but there's hope that there will be a multiplayer gameplay mode in the future such as deathmatch and battle royale. 

FAU-G gameplay

The game name is an abbreviation of ‘Fearless and United Guards,’ and the gameplay goes all-in around this concept. You play as a lone soldier separated from his troop, fighting through enemy Chinese territory. 

Interestingly, FAU-G incorporates the real-life ‘no open fire’ military agreement between China and India, so there are no guns in the game (at least not in the campaign mode). Instead, gameplay takes the form of a beat-em-up, where you control your soldier in a third-person perspective. 

Health restores at bonfires, and there’s the possibility of finding handheld weapons. Although the game allows player movement, the action itself is effectively on-rails; you move from one area to the next, punching enemies and trying to avoid their attacks. 

Limited features

The FAU-G features are limiting in that it is too basic of a game.. The game lacks the ability of an actual battle royale/survival mode and deathmatches. The main campaign can be completed in a few hours, with limited replayability.

Our take

The FAU-G takes on a new approach with the focus of hand-to-hand combat vs combat with guns. However, the game gets repetitive quickly, with gameplay that relies on limited combos and linear progression.

Should you download it?

Yes. Fearless and United Guards is less than 500MB in size, with decent graphics and fluid, if limited, controls. The game also gives you a chance to support the Bharat Ke Veer foundation (for families of Indian soldiers) via in-game purchases.

FAU-Gfor Android


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