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World War Z: zombie horde shooter

Based on the popular film of the same name, World War Z is a fast-paced four-player cooperative shooter game in which the players take on hordes of zombies in a variety of missions.

Intense cooperative action

The central game mechanic of World War Z is the zombie horde, which moves relentlessly towards the players in an almost fluid-like manner. The core of the game is a defensive shooter in which the players defend their position against the zombie horde, which can even reach high places by piling up against walls. Players have a limited time to prepare their defenses before the horde attacks.

A complete arsenal

Players will have plenty of weapons to choose from as they fight the zombie horde, including machine guns and rocket launchers, as well as autonomous weaponry like turrets, and defensive measures like barbed wire. The players benefit from working together and using their weapons and tools strategically.

Our take

While there are many alternatives in the zombie shooter genre, such as Dead Rising 3 and Dying Light, the zombie horde mechanics of World War Z make it a unique gaming experience. There is an option to play with AI companions, but the lack of a dedicated solo campaign makes single-player a weak option.

Should you buy it?

World War Z is an intense shooter with only brief moments of respite, and so it is only suitable for people who like that kind of gameplay. Similarly, the cooperative nature of the game makes it more suited to playing with friends, though there is the option to play with random strangers or AI. It should be noted that, in terms of game time, there is not a great deal to World War Z, which makes having companions you enjoy playing with more important to replayability.


  • Unique zombie horde game mechanics
  • Variety of weapons and tools to use
  • Four-player cooperative multiplayer


  • Doesn’t take long to play through game’s content
  • No single-player campaign

World War Zfor Windows


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