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Dr Fone is primarily an app that recovers deleted files on your phone. Besides doing that, it helps manage phone data, transfers it from one device to another, and repair errors that occur with it.

Recover data from iOS or Android devices

Dr Fone boasts one of the highest recovery rates in the industry.

Dr Fone started as simple file recovery software, but it developed into a more versatile app as its popularity grew. Now it covers a multitude of functions that help you manage the operations of your mobile device on several levels.

The recovery option enables you to recover lost or deleted images, videos, messages, and more from a variety of devices. 

Also, you can transfer data between iOs and Android devices, or between a phone and a computer. Dr Fone also comes with options that manage unwanted files, delete all information from a device permanently, backup data from your social media and phone, and much more within a single piece of software.

If your phone suffers a lot of physical damage, this program will need only a USB connection to recover everything left behind in the device. In essence, Dr Fone is the best solution for managing lost and deleted files, and it shows reasonable quality in its many other functionalities as well.

Where can you run this program?

Dr Fone operates on PC and Mac computers, as well as Android and Apple mobile devices.

Is there a better alternative?

No, Dr Fone offers a variety of options for which you would otherwise need several other apps. However, for data recovery from your SD card, Recuva is a high-quality, free alternative.

Our take

Dr Fone is a market leading app that delivers what it promises. Especially if you regularly back up your device, it will help you without a doubt.

Should you download it?

Yes, if it’s a case of emergency. Those who don’t mind the cost could also take a lot of advantage of it before an accident happens, too.

Wondershare Dr Fonefor Windows


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