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Free music streaming app

Wynk Music is a free song streaming app with a large selection of artists and genres to pick from. The app offers methods to download music for both free and subscribed customers. It also allows you to purchase albums and individual tracks, letting you listen to them regardless of your subscription requirements.

Stream your music

Wynk Music focuses on letting you stream music from the web or download and play it when you're offline without an internet connection. Unless you purchase a monthly subscription, the amount of songs you can download is limited. The app has decent sound quality available for most of its cards.

Additionally, you can use the Wynk Music app to set new tones for your computer or mobile devices. These MP3s will play without any advertisement interference.

Find new artists

Wynk Music makes it easy to discover new artists, with recommended playlists and new genres to explore. Alternatively, you can search for a new track similar to what you're currently enjoying on the app. The available genres include Bollywood and more. It also provides several internet radio stations that play nonstop.

Purchase music

Aside from free music downloads, you can purchase individual albums and songs within the app. Purchasing music bypasses the monthly limit of songs you can download specifically for that music.

Membership features

Unfortunately, you’ll need a monthly subscription for many features, such as unlimited downloads. There are two levels of premium available for nearly the same price. Both of these options focus on providing unlimited downloads with a small benefit to Airtel users.

There is a trial period for the subscription that you can listen to music for the free for the first month. You can cancel this at any time to avoid paying for the premium features.

Our take

Overall, Wynk Music is a decent application for your Windows computer if you want to listen to music while offline. The software is similar to SoundCloud and Snaptube, both of which allow you to listen to songs online. The app is reliable and safe to use, making it a fantastic way to enjoy music. If you just want to play local music, you can use the Windows Music Player.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoy music in multiple genres, including Bollywood, then using this app for streaming is a great idea.


  • Ad-free streaming
  • Easy to find music
  • Offers internet radio stations


  • Limiting use tier option

Program available in other languages

Wynk Music for PCfor Windows


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