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Wasteland 3 is the successor to one of the most popular games in the RPG category. In the third edition from inXile Entertainment, the game features challenging combat, reactive storytelling, difficult ethical decisions, and hours of exploration. You can play in single, team, or squad mode with up to six rangers. Each character can be customized with abilities and perks suiting the playstyle. In fact, there’s also a battle truck called Kodiak, which can be upgraded with weapons, turning into a beast to kill enemies.

Play solo, with someone, or squad up!

Wasteland 3 is a substantial upgrade over the 5-year old predecessor, Wasteland 2. The graphics look sleeker, and the setting takes you through the freezing heights of Colorado. While the game releases soon, the developers introduced a demo, which helped crowdfund the project. As soon as you launch the game, several additions and tweaks are clearly noticeable. According to the developers, Wasteland 3’s budget is thrice as much as the last version.

Engaging Storyline

While Wasteland 2 was set in the arid locations of Los Angeles and Arizona, Wasteland 3’s post-apocalyptic storyline takes you to the freezing Colorado. The story revolves around ‘The Patriarch’, who’s a local gang leader taking care of a society founded by the ultra-rich Armageddon survivalists.

The game has been presented in an overhead view. The main character plays as a ranger who goes through difficult roads, navigating his way from one risky location to another. The aim is to find the Patriarch’s children, who’ve gone rogue. As such, they’re threatening to overturn the leader’s rule.

As mentioned earlier, the group of rangers includes a well-designed and heavily-loaded vehicle called Kodiak. It takes you through blizzards, mountain terrain, and other hurdles. While there are several RPGs focusing on the post-apocalyptic era, this one keeps you engaged with interesting storytelling.

Challenging tactical combat

Wasteland 3 wins big over competitors with focus on challenging tactical combat. Each member of the group plays a specialist, such as a shotgun shooter or a sniper. Each character is assigned two weapons and an extra piece from the kit, such as a gun turret or a grenade.

While playing the game, you get plenty of opportunities to upgrade weapons and abilities. Additionally, you can collect armor and weapons on your way to finding the Patriarch’s children. Upgrades allow you to improve a wide range of skills, including lock-picking and mechanics. Similarly, narrative skills can be improved for better conversations with characters.

As a member of the group, each player needs to nurture the other. In order to accomplish your goals, it’s important for the entire team to advance in terms of skills, abilities, and weapons. Most of the time, non-combat interactions are the best way forward. However, such situations can only be accessed by players who’ve unlocked certain skills.

Since the last game, the combat has been made more challenging. At the same time, it’s more user-friendly, as team members form orderly lines to take their turns. With different action points, each member can create effective and unique tactical plays.

Some of the most common action points focus on using a wide range of consumables, such as health packs, shooting enemies’ bodies, reloading weapons, and ambushing the antagonists. If you’re playing in single-mode, you’ll be glad to know that the inventory can be shared among all characters.

Throughout the game, you can find numerous cover spots and access points. Elevation, sight-line, and cover are quite important to engage in successful combat. Everything in the game works on the basis of statistics. In case you fire at an enemy with a small chance of hitting him, you’re likely to regret the decision later.

Substantial changes over Wasteland 2

If you’re a fan of Wasteland 2, you’ll notice some substantial changes immediately. According to players, the biggest change in Wasteland 3 is the rework of ‘Initiative’. In the predecessor, Initiative stated the rules of how early and often a player would attack. As such, it led to some annoying and broken builds. For instance, a player could attack multiple times for each turn another character received.

Wasteland 3 focuses more on gut instinct! Once one side has attacked, the other side follows. It’s a necessary and effective change. Among teammates, it’s now easier to coordinate maneuvers and attack enemies. In fact, you can indulge in a single-party member attack, move on to another, and return to the first one to initiate the attack again. It opens up a wide range of possibilities.

Where can you run this program?

Wasteland 3 is the successor to the popular action-packed RPG, Wasteland 2. According to reports, the game will be available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Xbox One, macOS, and PlayStation 4. For Microsoft, the minimum requirements to play the game will be Windows 8.1 and above, and 64-bit processor.

Is there a better alternative?

While Wasteland 3 will be an excellent choice, you might be looking for a few alternatives. Left 4 Dead, a good choice, is set in the aftermath of a catastrophic pandemic. In the game, four main characters need to fight hordes of infected antagonists. The key feature of the game is the AI-driven ‘Director’, who controls items’ placements and level pacing to keep things interesting. While the game creates a dynamic experience, graphics could be improved.

Another good alternative is DayZ, which is set in the post-soviet region of Chernarus. The entire region is struck by a virus, which infects a majority of the population. While the infected keep fighting, leading the world to collapse, your character is immune to the virus. While the game comes with unique gameplay experience with customized results for individual choices, the storyline is kind of uninteresting and stale.

Our take

While Wasteland 2 deliberately looked retro, Wasteland 3 comes with noticeable differences. The developers have tried to build on the foundation to create a better product. It won’t be wrong to say that Wasteland 3 offers a smoother experience with an engaging gameplay. Overall, it’s a welcoming upgrade!

Should you download it?

Yes, definitely! Wasteland 3 is a good upgrade on the predecessor, providing you with plenty of new features, abilities, and weapons. With a lot of violence and action sequences, the game keeps you engaged throughout gameplay.

Wasteland 3for Windows


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