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The basics of coding start with Vscode (Visual Studio Code). This program is a simple code editor, paired with whatever Microsoft coders need for their edit-build-debug cycle. With versatility and efficiency as its strong suits, it’s no wonder why Vscode sits at the top of commonly used code editors. 

Complex coding made simple

Visual Studio Code takes the complex coding languages it works with and transforms them into a simple, color-coded editor that developers can use for editing, navigating, and debugging code.

Never behind, always ahead

Vscode is constantly updated, so you’ll never be waiting for new content. New features and fixes for bugs are always coming in. So if you happen to run into a problem, rest assure that it’ll be fixed in a short time. 

Get it where you want it

Visual Studio Code is able to be downloaded in Windows, macOS, and Linux via its official website. Users of the editor who have left reviews have praised its versatility. Additionally, the code editor has been praised for the ease of use. This gives it a reputation of not only being user friendly but even beginner-friendly.

Our take

Coding language is difficult enough on its own and a code editor does need to add on complexity. Vscode is a step in the right direction for code editing because it’s simple, accessible, and versatile upon setup. It’s similar in functionality to Visual Studio Code.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you are interested in coding then this program is worth taking a look at. The code is praised by its avid users for being easy to pick up, and for having the distinguished Microsoft touch that's user-friendly and convenient. 

Others have boldly stated that Vscode can do what other editors can’t, with the consistent updates that have been on the rise since its inception. The code is only getting better, so it’s worth a download.


  • Versatile in use
  • Constantly updated
  • Coders praise it as going beyond what it is supposed to do
  • Convenient in utility and look


  • Some would say it is limited by the company that updates it

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Vscodefor Windows


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